Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Spring Hill College

AveMen Agency (14 Marketing/Advertising students at Spring Hill College) developed a fully Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for Spring Hill College. This plan included Marketing, Creative, Public Relations, E-Marketing and Media plans. I was the active Creative Director responsible for creative operations including team supervision and work production. Directed activities to maintain our agency's standards and to help achieve our client's goals. As Creative Director I also wrote the Creative Plan. 

You can view the Creative Plan (page 20 in Plan Book) and some marketing materials by clicking the links below: 


Plan Book  |  Marketing Materials

Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign for Spring Hill College Office of Career Development 

An Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign was created for Spring Hill College Office of Career Development by myself and my partner Diego Juncadella. The goal for the overall project was to strengthen the relationship between the Office of Career Development and the student body at Spring Hill College. This goal was met by succeeding the objective of 15 students utilizing the services of the office within one month of implementing the marketing campaign. After quantitative research, creative strategizing and implementation 51 students utilized the services of the office, exceeding the original objective by 250%. 

You can view the research and all marketing materials by clicking the link below: 

Research Paper and Marketing Materials

Diego and I presenting our research.

Diego and I presenting our research.