My name is Bre Vaughn. I am passionate about all things advertising. As a professional I conduct research, lead designs and develop client strategies.

Hobbies: all things tech, media/data, art/design, video production, photography, music and food.



Being strategic involves mission, vision and thinking unconventionally. When it comes to planning, being strategic is about identifying “where” your project is headed. 

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Being creative involves thinking critically, looking for solutions to problems and imagination. Creativity is about transforming strategic thinking into ideas.

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Being efficient involves making progress, putting planned projects into action, and measuring your success.

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I was impressed with her determination and positive attitude. Bre knows how to get the job done quickly and effectively. She works well as a team member and can function as a leader when required. She has always exhibited superior communication skills.
— Chih Lin, Production Commercialization and Technical Marketing Manager, NOV Grant Prideco
Your management and professional demeanor has transformed The Badger Television group from an idea into an award wining production company.
— Bill Rowan, Media Instructor, BTV Spring Hill College
Bre has embraced the concepts of things don’t just happen, you have to make them happen. She consistently works to perfect her knowledge, skills and abilities in planning, writing, production, editing, logistics, working through teams and more.
— Dr. Sharee Broussard, APR